Our services include not only the production but also the development of a plastic fastener.
We can make a design for a new concept and give you a complete price for the production including packing, packaging and if you wish under your private label.

A big  part of being of service is helping the customer in the process of choosing the right raw material. For every plastic has its own specific characteristics. With our advice your plastic fastener will have the right qualifications for the job and will be the best in the field.

Do you have an idea? Please let us know!

Personal service

We offer the best of personal service by ensuring fast response times, direct communication and thinking along with our customers to achieve the best possible end-results.


By thinking out of the box and by approaching things from a different angle, we develop new products of the highest quality.


We are a relatively small company with a big passion for plastic fasteners. We are available 24/7 and can shift gears very quickly to satisfy our customers needs.

Fair price

We are a company with little overhead but with big ambition. We have an intelligent mold design team that make our molds with smart solutions. And molds with smart solutions will produce faster, more efficient and there for a better staple.
Our production process is further more fully automized with the use of robotics which adds to our fair pricing. And because we keep our packaging system fully intern we have found an efficient way of keeping lines short and more direct with this department. This way we can offer our customers competitive pricing.