From product development to production and packaging


Plastic (composite) staples

Polypower offers a range of none-metal polymer composite staples including:

  • Soft, medium and hard plastic staples
  • Short, middle and long staples
  • Plastic staples in different colors
  • Narrow, wide crown plastic staples
  • Extreme plastic staples: customer-specific, extra long, wide, hard or special design


To apply our standard staples we offer different pneumatic tools and a variety of manual handtackers and hammertackers. We provide hands-on advice and instructions on each of these tools. If you are a tool manufacturer, it is also possible to use your own tools. There is the possibility that our plastic fasteners fit to the specifications of your existing tools or we can develop a brand new custom staple or plastic fastener to match your needs.

Industries & applications

Our plastic staples and fasteners are used in various industries and applications: Timber wrap, Timber labeling, Foam and Balsa core joining, Wood Packaging, Timber frame, Fiberglass lay up, Construction, installation of insulation film and paper, Freight labeling, Furniture industry, Door & Window Manufacturing, Carpentry industry, Timber industry, Boat building.


  • Can be worked like wood: cut, shaped and sanded
  • No rust, no corrosion, no staining
  • Bonds like glue: firm bonding between fastener and the material
  • Strong holding power: has twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners
  • Creates a longer lasting, high quality end-product

“Our goal is to make the best plastic fasteners as possible, to be innovative in product and production and come up with ideas that stick.”

personal service

We offer the best of personal service by ensuring fast response times, direct communication and thinking along with our customers to achieve the best possible end-results.


By thinking out of the box and by approaching things from a different angle, we develop new products of the highest quality.


We are a relatively small company with a big passion for plastic fasteners. We are available 24/7 and can shift gears very quickly to satisfy our customers needs.

fair price

We are a company with little overhead but with big ambition. We have an intelligent mold design team that make our molds with smart solutions. And molds with smart solutions will produce faster, more efficient and there for a better staple.
Our production process is further more fully automized with the use of robotics which adds to our fair pricing. And because we keep our packaging system fully intern we have found an efficient way of keeping lines short and more direct with this department. This way we can offer our customers competitive pricing.

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